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导读:2013年12月大学英语四级考试三版翻译题答案,2013 年 12 月大学英语四级真题及答案解析汇总 2013 年 12 月 14 日 15:21 来源:搜狐教育 正文我来说两句(281 人参与)手机客户端 | 扫描到手机 第 1 页 :2013 年 12 月大学英语四级作文


2013 年 12 月大学英语四级真题及答案解析汇总 2013 年 12 月 14 日 15:21 来源:搜狐教育 正文我来说两句(281 人参与)手机客户端 | 扫描到手机 第 1 页 :2013 年 12 月大学英语四级作文答案解析 一、作文 【作文(一)】 The Impact of the Mobile Phone in People’s Life The thought-provoking drawing mirrors a common phenomenon in contemporary society that there is the negative influence of mobile phone. As is subtly shown in the picture,so many people are too much addicted to cell phones that they use walking sticks to see the road. What a meaningful cartoon! It is to me that indulging in mobile phones produces native influences on body and mind. First and foremost, overusing mobile phones is detrimental to physical health for watching mobiles for a long stretch definitely impairs one’s eyesight. Suppose that a man is addicted in cell phones in whatever

situation, it will be very disadvantageous for him to concentrate on his work, learning, or daily life and is very likely to hurt him. Furthermore, overusing cell phones adversely affects state of mind. An addict may stay inside his bubble instead of pursuing other endeavors, which eventually prevents the growth of think skills. It is high time that we took effective measures to curb this trend. I cherish a belief that cell phones themselves are not good or bad and we can benefit a lot from it as long as we take a good control over them. 【作文(二)】 The Impact of the Internet on the Way People Communicate 网络对人们沟通产生的影响 Internet does exert such a profound effect on our life that it revolutionizes the way of people’s living and thinking. As is subtly revealed in the portrayal,there are two parents sitting in the front of computer,who are chatting with their child on the internet. What a meaningful picture! From my perspective, the electronic contact cannot replace face to face communication owing to the following factors. To begin with, over-reliance on electronic contact will damage the interpersonal relationship, for the cold machine never

replaces a warm-hearted greeting face to face. For example, the aged parents would like their only son who works far away home to come back home more often rather than to talk with him on the internet occasionally. What’s more, face to face communication is preferable because it is beneficial to build a harmonious society, for it attaches more importance on human affection and feelings instead of convenience and speed. Hence, it is necessary for us to use Internet in a reasonable way. After all, Internet is invented to connect you and me, and to bring conveniences to our life rather than set a barrier to keep people beyond reach. If we want to keep our interpersonal relationship more effectively, we should spend more time with them face to face in real life. Only in this way can we not only make full use of the communication tool on the net but also make our relationship tighter. 二、听力测试 【四级听力短对话】 Question 1 M: After high school, I’d like to go to college and major in business administration. W: But I’d rather spend my college days finding out how children learn.

Q: What do we learn from the conversation? Question 2 W: Is everything ready for the conference? M: The only thing left to do is set up the microphones and speakers. They'll be here in a few minutes. Q: What preparations have yet to be made? Question 3 W: Is it almost time to go home now? I'm so tired. I can hardly see straight. M: Just a few more minutes, then we can go. Q: What is the woman’s problem? Question 4 W: I'm not sure what I’m in a mood for. Ice-cream or sandwiches? They are both really good here. M: The movie starts in an hour. And we still have to get there and park. So just make a decision. Q: What does the man mean? Question 5 W: Tom said he would come to repair our solar heater when he has time. M: He often says he is willing to help, but he never seems to have time.

Q: What does the man imply about Tom? Question 6 W: So you know that Sam turns down the job offered by the travel agency. M: Yes. The hours were convenient. But if he had accepted it, he wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. Q: What do we learn from the conversation? Question 7 M: Could you tell me a bit about the business your company is doing? W: We mainly deal with large volume buyers from western countries and our products have been well received. Q: What business is the woman’s company doing? Question 8 W: Yesterday I made reservations for my trip to Miami next month. M: You must really be looking forward to it. You haven’ t had any time off for at least two years. Q: What is the woman going to do? 【四级听力长对话原文 1】 M: Excuse me, I need some information about some of the towns near here.

W: What would you like to know? M: Well, first, I'd like directions to go to Norwalk. I believe there is an interesting museum there. It isn't far, is it? W: No, not at all. Norwalk is about eighteen miles east of here on Route 7. And you're right. It's a wonderful little museum. M: Oh good. Now what about Amitsville? I have some friends. I'd like to visit there and I also want to get to Newton. They are near each other, aren't they? W: Hmm... well, they are actually in opposite directions. Amitsville is northeast. It's about thirty five miles northeast of here. M: Huh-uh, thirty five miles northeast. And how about Newton? W: Well, Newton is in the other direction. It's southwest, so it isn't really very close to Amitsville at all and it's a long drive. It's about fifty five miles southwest from here and the road is not at all straight. M: Fifty five miles southwest! Well, maybe I won't go there this time.

W: I'd recommend visiting Westfield or Great Town. They are both very close. Westfield is just seven miles west of here and Great Town is about five miles south. They are really pretty little towns with lots of old houses and beautiful tree-lined streets. M: I see. Seven miles west to Westfield and five miles south to Great Town. Good. Well, I think that's all the information I need for a while. Thank you. You've been very helpful. W: You're welcome, sir. I hope you enjoy your stay. Q9: What does the man know about Norwalk? Q10: What does the woman say about Amitsville and Newton? Q11: What do we learn about Westfield and Great Town? 【四级听力长对话原文 2】 M: Err... Sandra, I've finished with Mr. Gordon now. Do you think you could pop through in bringing me up-to-date on their arrangements for the Italian trip? W: Certainly, Mr. Wilkinson. I'll bring everything with me. M: Right, take a seat. Now my first meeting is when? W: Your first meeting is on Monday the 21st at 9a.m. with Dr. Gucci of Bancos en Piedra in Milan. M: OK, so can I fly out early Monday morning?

W: Well, there is a flight to Lenarty Airport which leaves at six thirty London time and gets in at eight thirty Italian time. M: Yeah, but that only leaves me thirty minutes to clear customs in getting to the city center and it means I have to check in by five thirty, which means leaving home at about four fifteen. W: I'm afraid so. M: Hmm... not so keen on that. What's the program for the rest of that day? W: It's quite full, I'm afraid. At eleven, you're seeing Jeana Rivard at Meg Star and then you'll have a lunch engagement with Gaven from the Chamber of Commerce at one. M: Where's that? W: You're meeting him at his office and then he's taking you somewhere. M: Good, that sounds fine. What about the afternoon? W: Well, at three thirty, you're seeing our sales representative there and then you're free till evening. M: I see. I seem to remember that I'm having a dinner with someone from Bergamo. W: That's right. And Mr. Betty from SAP Industries at eight.

Q12: What would the man like the woman to do? Q13: At what time is Mr. Wilkinson going to leave home for the airport? Q14: Who is Mr. Wilkinson going to have a lunch with on Monday? Q15: What is most probably the woman's job? 【听力短文】 Listening Passage 1 Donna Fredrick’s served with the Peace Corps for two years in Brazil. She joined the Peace Corps after she graduated from the college because she wanted to do something to help other people. She had been brought up on a farm, so the Peace Corps assigned her to a agricultural project. Before she went to Brazil, she studied Portuguese for three months. She also learnt a great deal about its history and culture. During her two years with the Peace Corps, Donna lived in a village in northeast Brazil. That part of Brazil is very dry and farming is often difficult there. Donna helped the people of the village to organise an arrigation project, and she also advised them on planting corps. They didn’t require much water. When Donna returned to the States, she couldn’t settle down. She tried several jobs, but they seemed very boring to her. She couldn’

t get Brazil out of her mind. Finally, one day she got on an plane and went back to Brazil. She wasn’t sure what she’s going to do. She just wanted to be there. After a few weeks, Donna found a job as an English teacher, teaching five classes a day. Like most of the teachers, she doesn’t make much money. She shares a small apartment with another teacher. And she makes a little extra money by sending stories to newspapers in the States. Eventually she wants to quit teaching and work as a full-time journalist. Question 16 Why did Donna join the Peace Corps after she graduated from college? Question 17 What was Donna assigned to do in Brazil? Question 18 Why did Donna go back to Brazil once again? Question 19 How did Donna make extra money to support herself? Listening Passage 2 Results of a recent Harry’s pool on free time showed that the average work week for many Americans is 50 hours. With the time spent eating, sleeping and taking care of the household

duties, there’s little time left for leisure activities for many Americans. However, having free time to relax and pursue hobbies is important. People need time away from the pressures of study or work to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. In many countries free time is spent in different ways. The results of a Harry’s pool showed that reading was the most popular spare time activity in the US. This was followed by watching TV. In a UK survey on leisure time activities, watching TV and videos was the most popular. Listening to the radio came second. In a similar survey conducted in Japan, the most popular free time activity was eating out. The second most popular activity was driving. There were also differences in the most popular outdoor pursuits between the three countries. The most popular outdoor activity for Americans was gardening. In the UK, it was going to the pub. In Japan, going to bars ranked eighth in popularity and gardening ranked ninth. Although people around the world may enjoy doing similar things in their free time, there’s evidence to suggest that these interests are changing. In the US, for example, the popularity of computer activities is increasing. Many more people in the States are spending their free time surfing the web, emailing friends or playing games online.

Question 20 What is the recent Harry Pole about? Question 21 What was the most popular leisure activity in the US? Question 22 What was the most popular outdoor pursuit in the UK? Listening Passage 3 On March 13th, while on duty Charles Mclaughlin, a very careless driver employed by the company Lummis was involved in another accident. The accident occurred in Riverside California. Not paying attention to his driving, Mclaughlin turned right on main street and 33rd street and hit Volkswagen rabbit. This caused minor damage to his truck and serious damage to the car. On the basis of the police report, the Lummis accident committee correctly determined that Mclaughlin had been quite careless. As a result of the committee’s conclusion, the branch manager Mr. David Rossi reported that he had talked with Mclaughlin about his extremely poor driving record. Further evidence of Mclaughlin's irresponsibility occurred on May 6th when he was returning from his shift. That day he ran into a roll-up door at the Lummis facility in Valero, causing significant damage to the door. Damage to the truck, however,

was minor. Finally, on June 7th, Mclaughlin once again demonstrated his carelessness by knocking down several mail boxes near the edge of the company’s parking lot. There was damage to the mailboxes and minor damage to the truck. Mr. David Rossi stated that he had spoken with Mclaughlin on several occasions about his driving record. He added that he had warned Mclaughlin that three preventable accidents in one year could lead to his discharge, as indeed it should. 23. What did the Lummis accident committee find out about the accident that occurred on March 13th? 24. What did Mclaughlin do on June 7th near the edge of the company’s parking lot? 25. What is most probably going to happen to Mclaughlin? 【听力填空】: When Captain Cook asked the chiefs in Tahiti why they always ate apart and alone, they replied, “Because it is right.” If we ask Americans why they eat with knives and forks, or why their men wear pants instead of skirts or why they may be married to only one person at a time, we are likely to get similar and very uninformative answers because it’s right, because that’s the way it’s done, because it’s the custom or even I don’t know. The reason for these and countless other patterns of social

behavior is that they are controlled by social norms shared rules or guide lines which prescribe the behavior that is appropriate in a given situation. Norms define how people ought to behave under particular circumstances in a particular society. We conform to norms so readily that we are hardly aware they exist. In fact we are much more likely to notice departures from norms than conformity to them. You will not be surprised if a stranger tried to shake hands when you were introduced, but you might be a little startled if they bowed, started to stroke you or kissed you on both cheeks. Yet each of these other forms of greeting is appropriate in other parts of the world. When we visit another society whose norms are different, we quickly become aware that things we do this way, they do that way. 听力参考答案 1-8 CACBA BDA 9-11 CAB 12-15 DADC 16-19 暂无 20-22 DAC 23-25 ABD

26-35 In addition; software; available; individuals; technological; manufacture; In short; By contrast; scientific; quantity三、选词填空 【版本一】 36. worsens 37. experience 38. specialized 39. additional 40.qualifies 41. graduates 42. trained 43. demand 44. tension 45. view 【版本二】 36-45 N site、L rare、I honoring、F different、D current、 C covers、J hope、M realistic、H fast 四、阅读理解 【长篇阅读】46-55 kcebh djclf 【仔细阅读】第一篇 56-60 cadcd 第二篇 61-65abdbc

五、翻译 【翻译原文一】信息技术(Information Technology),正在飞速 发展,中国公民也越来越重视信息技术,有些学校甚至将信息技术作 为必修课程,对这一现象大家持不同观点。

一部分人认为这是没有必 要的,学生就应该学习传统的课程。

另一部分人认为这是应该的,中 国就应该与时俱进。

不管怎样,信息技术引起广大人民的重视是一件 好事。

【参考译文一】 With full speed development of the information technology, Chinese citizens pay more and more attention to it. Some schools even take the information technology as a required course. For this phenomenon, different people have different opinion. Some people argue that it is not necessary to do this since the traditional courses are supposed to be learned. While some others hold the opposite view, they believe that China should keep pace with the times. No matter how, it is a good thing that information technology has drawn attention of the people. 【参考译文二】As China citizens attaching great importance to the rapidly development of Information Technology, some college even set it as a compulsory course. Regarding to this

phenomenon, people hold different views. Some people think it is not necessary, for students should learn the traditional curriculum. Another part of people think it is a need, because China should keep pace with the times. Anyway, it is a good thing that Information Technology aroused public concern. 【翻译原文二】 “你要茶还是咖啡?”是用餐人常被问到的问题。

许多西方人会 选咖啡,而中国人则会选茶。

相传,中国的一位帝王于五千年前发现 了茶,并用来治病,在明清(The Qing Dynasties)期间,茶馆遍布全 国,饮茶在六世纪传到日本,但直到 18 世纪才传到欧美。

如今,茶 是世界上最流行的饮料(beverage)之一,茶是中国的瑰宝,也是中国 传统和文化的重要组成部分。

【参考译文一】 “Would you like tea or coffee?” This is a question which the dining people are frequently asked. Some westerners tend to choose coffee, while the Chinese usually choose tea. There is a legend that one Chinese emperor found tea 5,000 years ago and used it to cure illnesses. During the Ming and Q ing Dynasties, tea houses were widespread throughout China. Tea-drinking was spread to Japan in the 6th century but to Europe and America until the 18th century. Nowadays, tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Tea is the treasure

of China, and it is also an important part of the Chinese tradition and culture. 【参考译文二】As for the dinning people, ”Tea or Coffee?” is a question frequently asked. Coffee is usually the Westerns’ first choice, while tea is the preferment of Chinese. Tradition has it that tea is found by one Chinese Emperor, who lived in 5000 years ago. At that time, tea is used to heal sickness. During Ming-Qing dynasties, teahouses are across the country. Tea drinking spread into Japanese as early as in the 6th century, yet it did not spread into Europe and America until the 18th century. Nowadays, tea is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. Tea is the treasure of China and the important component of Chinese tradition and culture. 【翻译原文三】 中国结(the Chinese knot) 最初是由手工艺人发明的。

经过数 百年不断的改造,已经成为一种优雅多彩的艺术和工艺。

在古代,人 们用它来记录事件,但现在主要用于装饰的目的。

“结”在中文里意 味着爱情,婚姻和团聚。

中国结常常作为礼物交换或用作饰品祈求好 运和避邪。

这种形式的手工艺(handcraft)代代相传,现在已经在中 国和世界各地越来越受欢迎。


The Chinese knot is originally invented by the handicraftsman. After several hundred years’ innovation, it has evolved into an elegant and colorful art and craft. In ancient times, it was used for recording events, while now it is mainly a decorative handicraft art. In Chinese, "Knot" means love, marriage and reunion. The Chinese knot is often used as a gift to express good wishes or a talisman to ward off evil spirits. The handcraft has passed on for generations and become more and more popular in China and the world. 【翻译原文四】 许多人喜欢中餐,在中国,烹饪不仅被视为一种技能,而且也被 视为一种艺术。

精心准备的中餐既可口又好看,烹饪技艺和配料在中 国各地差别很大。

但好的烹饪都有一个共同点,总是要考虑到颜色、 味道、口感和营养(nutrition)。

由于食物对健康至关重要,好的厨 师总是努力在谷物、肉类和蔬菜之间取得平衡,所以中餐既味美又健 康。

【参考译文】 Most people like Chinese food. In China, cooking is considered as not only a skill but also an art. The well-prepared Chinese food is both delicious and good-looking. Although cooking methods and food ingredient vary wildly in different places of China, it is common for good cuisine to take color, flavor, taste and nutrition into account. Since food is

crucial to health, a good chef is insistently trying to seek balance between cereal, meat and vegetable, and accordingly Chinese food is delicious as well as healthy.

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